Hoku The Seal's Three Wishes Children's Book

Hoku The Seal's Three Wishes Children's Book

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Hoku the little Hawaiian monk seal makes three wishes  that come true, with dire consequences!  What will mama seal say, when she finds out what happened to her Hoku?  Can Hoku ever go back to being a normal little seal with stream-lined shape, fast flippers and big brown eyes that twinkle like stars?

The front cover of "Hoku the Seal's Three Wishes", literally sparkles.   A silver sparkle in Hoku's eye and silver ripples in the "Wishing Pool"  draws readers into the magical story,  whilst an informative back cover teaches children about Hawaii's monk seals.
A heart-warming story by Gill McBarnet, and readers will be relieved that  Hoku's dilemma is resolved in a positive and comforting ending.