The Inspired House Planted Book

The Inspired House Planted Book

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With plentiful images and a distinctly modern and sophisticated feel, this book imparts both easy-to-follow advice and creative garden-design inspiration. Whether you are looking to pick a statement plant for your living room, create a terrarium centerpiece or arrange an artful display of air plants, this book will provide the tools you need. You'll be tempted to thumb through it again and again--for both resource and relaxation. 

This book includes plant basics from beginner-friendly plant care info as well as acting as a plant guide with profiles of popular indoor plants. There are fun plant projects delivering a major wow factor (including trending designs like terrariums, air plants, marimo and other underwater gardens, kokedama, mounted staghorn ferns and edible herbs). There's even discussion on ways to use plants in interior design for every style from Desert Boho to Midcentury Modern