Flower + Salt Bath Soak Made on Maui
Flower + Salt Bath Soak Made on Maui
Flower + Salt Bath Soak Made on Maui
Moon + Salt Botanicals

Flower + Salt Bath Soak Made on Maui

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flower + salt bath salts for body or foot soak.

Can be used for whole body by anyone in the family! This organic botanical salt bath uses relaxing and pregnancy safe list flowers and salts to provide comfort, relieve swelling in feet and promote overall bliss for the stressed out soul!


The main ingredient is Epsom salts, which has Magnesium and minerals that are responsible for over 300 biochemicals in the body and impacts many other aspects of health. Magnesium can help with muscle cramps, spasms, stress and anxiety.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and has an amazing ability to absorb, filter toxins, and deliver nutrients to the body. Use this bath for any time pre and post pregnancy to relieve stress, swelling and provide relaxation!

This relaxing and calming bath can be used on the whole family, kid friendly, and sensitive skin types with NO essential oils and just pure whole botanical plant materials for the ultimate organic bath indulgence.

Organic Lavender, Organic Rose petals, Organic Chamomile flower buds, Organic Calendula flowers, Organic Hibiscus flower, epsom salts and Magnesium Salts.