Hawaiian Scents Oil Car Diffuser
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Hawaiian Scents Oil Car Diffuser

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These car diffusers are the perfect way to enjoy our island-inspired scents during your commute. Each wooden capped glass bottle contains 6 ml of our custom made fragrance blends, and is sealed with a plastic plug for safe shipping and traveling.


1) Twist off the wooden cap.

2) Discard the plastic stopper.

3) Twist ON THE wooden cap. Do not overtighten the cap as doing so may damage the bottle.

4) Slightly invert the diffuser to moisten the wooden cap with oil. Avoid getting the string wet as the oil may cause damage to the surfaces it touches.

5) Hang up the diffuser to disperse the fragrance.

6) Repeat step 4 for stronger fragrance.

Size: 5ml glass bottle, approximately 1-1/4" x 1-1/4"

Contains: Custom fragrance oil blend, diffuser base