Large Organic Cotton Blockprinted Bag - Jungle

Large Organic Cotton Blockprinted Bag - Jungle

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This is a large organic cotton block printed bag and has a partition pocket inside. Small and Large handles are both there for easy handling of carrying your groceries from the cart to the car or to your home. This bag is printed by hand on hand woven organic cotton using only natural dyes. The fabric was first woven by the weavers and then printed by master printers. The tassels look cute and also is used for tying the bag into a small ball, so they take minimal space in your car/home.

PRODUCT DETAILS: - printed by hand using a carved wooden block - hand dyed in natural dyes - color: white and green - size: 17x20 - has a partition inside - tassles for tying bag into a ball CARE: Hand wash or machine wash separately on gentle cycle