Sun Kissed Hair & Body Oil-Orange and Jasmine
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Sun Kissed Hair & Body Oil-Orange and Jasmine

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Use on hair before going to the beach, and/or entering water to prevent salt water/air from drying out hair cuticles. Rich oils strengthen and fortify hair. Use on body before beach as a slight tanning oil that is enhanced with sparkle shimmer golden glistening mica powder. Use on body after beach for the ultimate luxury and conditioning with it's organic repairing oils and decadent smelling essential oils of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla and orange.

Keepsake mermaid treasures in bottle hand made in small batches here in Maui Hawaii! Glass bottle with glass dispenser cap.

Make sure to SHAKE WELL before use to disperse the shimmer that will settle at the bottom (make sure your oil is in liquid form to disperse the shimmer). Due to the pure, unrefined nature of coconut oil, solidification will occur in cooler temperatures. Simply place the bottle in a cup of warm water/or under stream of warm water for a minute to liquefy.

Organic coconut oil, organic castor, organic argan and organic jojoba oil, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and organic orange essential oils, mica sparkle, sea shell. NO-PUFA Friendly Formula