Maker Spotlight: Auntie Oti

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 “My collection is an expression of my love of textiles, travel, and awe of the exotic.”

Susan Hahn, Owner&Designer, Auntie Oti

At Biasa Rose, we spend our days searching for unique treasures to pass on to you. We covet quality materials because we know the right fabric can make or break the look and fit of a garment.

One of our favorites ...and what we are LIVING in these Auntie Oti.

 Why you will love it too? Think timeless, flattering styles made with quality materials and craftsmanship. If you're wondering what quality means - think beautiful pieces thoughtfully hand crafted every step of the way - no two are quite alike. 

They will become your “go to” pieces you can count on to make you feel good. Just like the super soft white tee or the jeans that fit just right. When you have pieces you love, getting dressed is so much easier. Auntie Oti will be what you'll want to wear every day. 

Designer Susan Hahn learned to sew when she was just a few years old and began knitting when she was five.  Her lifelong fascination with fabric and clothing shines through in her collections. Pieces are constructed with hand-woven cotton fabric from hand-spun yarn and are rooted in "khadi", a time-honored Indian tradition of craftsmanship resulting in beautiful, artisan-made linens. It is not just any fabric, it is one of a kind.


Come shop with us and explore a tiny slice of India's beauty and love of craftsmanship in our small collection we’ve curated of humble, handmade pieces by Auntie Oti.

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